3 Picture Books to Promote Phonemic Awareness

As an educational resource in our community, one of the most common question we get from parents – How do I promote Pre-reading skills at home? We’ve got you covered – we’re sharing 3 picture books your child is sure to love. Reading with your child is an easy way to help them grow to become fluent readers, but not all books are created equal. If your child is just learning letter sound relationships, you can play into their skill development by choosing books that promote phonemic awareness.

Research shows that children who develop phonemic awareness and letter-sound knowledge early on are more likely to become strong successful readers.

With the right resources your child will be on their way to reading like a pro!

Before we dive in, here are a few helpful terms to know.

  • Phoneme – The smallest unit of sound. For example matching letters and letter patterns with their sounds.
  • Phonemic Awareness – The ability to recognize and manipulate phonemes.
  • Phonics – A method on teaching students to read by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters.
  • Decoding – The ability to apply knowledge of letter-sound relationships, including knowledge of letter patterns, to correctly pronounce written words. 

#1 Take Away the A

Take Away the A By Michael ScoffIer is a fun book that focuses on the importance of letter placement. It incorporates unique vocabulary which I enjoy because it opens the door for discussion. This book does a good job of making letter blends more real for students. It’s an overall fun engaging read!

#2 Did you take the B from my -ook?

Written by Beck and Matt Stanton This book is creatively funny and gets kids talking. The author offers a fun play on words encouraging students to recognize the deleted sound(s). It provides many opportunities to practice addition and deletion of phonemes. Have fun with it!

#3 Click Clack Quackity- Quack

If you’re familiar with the Click Clack series by Doreen Cronin this book does not disappoint! The farmyard crew is at it again, this time they’ve invited all of their friends to a picnic. The engaging illustrations promotes conversation while the repetitive alphabet sounds allows for letter recognition practice. Bonus – the book has a keyboard that produces corresponding sounds for each page. A great opportunity for your little one to practice pressing the given letter(s) as you read each page together.

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