My son was inspired by his math teacher to work on advancing a grade level. We worked with Panthea and the other teachers at Educate to create a custom program that would prepare him for the next level. While my son was taking 8th grade math at school, he was also working on 9th grade math at Educate concurrently. We created a 7 month program that would cover about 1 chapter every two weeks all the way up to the end of the summer. He just passed a test that proves he is ready for 10th grade math, and so he will skip 9th grade math and start this fall in 10th. This would not be possible without the initial inspiration from his math teacher Mr. Peterson, as well as the flexibility and desire that Panthea had to help my son hit his goal. After each session he came home with worksheets and assignments to prepare him for his next session. His progress and pace was monitored and special focus was added if he fell off pace or struggled with a particular chapter. His teachers were all very prepared for his sessions with pre-prepared worksheets and take home assignments. Without this great team effort my son would not have hit his goal. We owe Educate so much for this massive accomplishment, one they truly made happen.